Nominating VMware Partners for Super User access to Testdrive

In this walkthrough, we'll show you how Partner Nominations work in the Testdrive environment.

Walkthrough Summary

  • Log in to VMware Testdrive Portal 
  • Nominate a VMware Partner for Super User access
  • *NOTE*

    • ONLY VMware and Airwatch employees can nominate Partners at this time
    • All Partner Nominations are subject to approval by the EUC Solution Engineering Team.  
    • Once a nomination is approved, a partner may register as a Super User on the Testdrive portal and gain access to invite their own customers to the system.

    In order to nominate a Partner you'll need the following

    • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, signup here if you don't and follow this guide
    • Super User Access

    Open your favorite web browser and navigate to the Testdrive Portal at

    Login using your credentials, and from the dashboard click the " Partner Nomination" button from the Administration section.

    This will open the Nominations page that shows all your nominations and their status.

    Click the " Nominate a Partner" button on this page to start the wizard

    *Make sure you accurately fill in the fields for speedy approval!*

    • Company Name
    • Domain
      (this is the Partner's email domain that they will use in registration of Super User accounts)
    • Partner Type
      (Select the correct Partner type)
    • Contact Name
      (Main contact name for the Partner)
    • Partner ID
      (optional but very useful!)

    Once you have filled in the details click the " Nominate" button to nominate this partner. 

    When a decision has been made, you'll be notified via email and the status will be changed accordingly on YOUR  Nominations page in the portal.

    Your Partner contacts will now be able to sign up via the portal registration page and invite their own customers just like VMware does!

    Note that multiple users from the same Partner may now sign up and send invites, as long as they use their work email address as specified in the nomination form, hooray!

    Let's recap what we did!

    Walkthrough Summary

  • Log in to VMware Testdrive Portal 
  • Nominate a VMware Partner for Super User access
  • Check out the  TestDrive Support KB for further walkthroughs, FAQs and information regarding the VMware Global Demo Environment.

    For support or to report issues with any of the demo systems please send us an email .