Vitrea View Demo

In this guide you will learn how to demo Vitrea View! 

Walkthrough Summary

  • Launch Virtual Desktop from Horizon
  • Select Vitrea View link
  • Login with Test-drive credentials
  • Filter search date to any -> Search
  • Open case study
  • View patient data
  • In order to perform the full end-to-end demo make sure you have the following

    • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you do not yet have an account 

    Select Vitrea View link 

    Login to Vitrea View portal with Test-Drive credentials

    Once logged in select the Study Date dropdown, set filter to Any. Then select search. 

    From here you can open up case studies. Select a case study and then open.

    From here you can view the patients data. 

    Check out the TestDrive Support KB for further walkthroughs, FAQs and information regarding the VMware Global Demo Environment. 

    For support or to report issues with any of the demo systems please email us .