Office 365 and VMware Boxer Walkthrough

In this walkthrough we're going show you how to activate Office 365 and access mail through VMware Boxer in the TestDrive AirWatch environment.

Walkthrough Summary

  • Log in to VMware TestDrive Demo Portal
  • Navigate to MyServices and turn on Office 365 
  • Verify the Office 365 service has been enabled and review the information 
  • Enroll an iOS device and receive mail through the VMware Boxer email client
  • Review VMware Boxer features
  • Single Sign On into Office 365 apps including Excel, Powerpoint, and Word
  • In order to perform the full end-to-end demo make sure you have the following:

    • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, signup here if you do not already have an account. 
    • Activated AirWatch in the VMware TestDrive environment. See instructions here if you have not yet activated AirWatch
    • An iOS device with the AirWatch agent installed


    First, open your favorite browser and navigate to the TestDrive Portal at Click Login.

    Enter your TestDrive username and password and click Enter. If you do not have an account instructions for signing up are here.

    Now, that you are logged in we will need to navigate to the My Services section. Click the  My Services card to proceed. 

    Next, toggle on Office 365 by clicking the slider.

    Now, you can enroll your iOS device into AirWatch, receive mail through Office 365, and single sign on into the Office 365 apps. VMware Boxer with Office 365 is setup for the Corporate Owned (EMM) and BYOD flows. Switch to your iOS device and begin the enrollment by downloading the AirWatch agent from the iOS app store.

    Once the agent is installed, launch the app. You will see the main “Welcome to AirWatch!” page with three different authentication methods available for enrollment. In the VMware TestDrive AirWatch instance, we only support enrollment through the “Email Address” method. Click on Email Address to continue. 

    Your email address for Testdrive is the domain with which you registered with at the portal with appended onto the end. For example If your email address is    eucawdemo@company.comyour Testdrive email address would be

    Tip: If you're having issues identifying which email address to use this can be found within the TestDrive portal. You can verify the email by logging in at, clicking the My Services card and choosing the info button next to AirWatch. 

    Enter your modified email address into the email address box and click Next

    The next screen is Group Selection. Group Selection allows for AirWatch to create different types of enrollments for different scenarios. In our case we can select either Enterprise - BYOD Demo or Enterprise - EMM Demo from the dropdown and select Next

    Now that we have initiated enrollment, we have to authenticate our username against Workspace ONE to ensure we are entitled to enroll into AirWatch.

    Now you are the login page, enter your Testdrive credentials and click Sign In 

    Now that you have been authenticated, you will be redirected to ensure you would like to enable AirWatch device management. Click on Redirect and Enable to initiate the profile installation steps. 

    Now you will be prompted to allow the installation of the AirWatch Digital Workspace for your device. Profiles are the policies defined for this enrollment on what AirWatch can manage on your device. Click Install

    A warning will appear detailing a generic statement about AirWatch device management. The actual features that can be monitored or controlled by AirWatch on iOS are defined in the profile and vary depending on what has been setup for the particular profile. Click Install.

    In order for any level of device management to be able to take place, we must enable “Remote Management” on IOS. Click Trust allowing the VMware TestDrive instance to remotely control the device for the purpose of you being able to AirWatch features. 

    A verification that the profile was installed will appear. You may review the profiles and click Done to continue.

    Now you will be redirected to be able to open the AirWatch Agent. Click on Open

    You will see successful completion page titled “Authentication Complete” Click on Done.

    Now in the AirWatch Agent you will see a summary of your device that has now been successfully enrolled. 

    Next, click the home button to return to the device homepage. You will see a few downloads for applications that have completed and a few in progress. 

    To get the VMware Boxer email client and Office apps we will need to download them on demand from the Workspace ONE catalog. Click the Workspace ONE icon after the download is complete. 

    Click Next to be SSOd into our Workspace ONE instance.

    You will be brought to the launcher tab. We will need to navigate to the Catalog to download VMware Boxer and the Office apps so click Catalog.

    In the Catalog tab, search for VMware Boxer and click Install to download the app. Also, install any office apps such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

    Once the VMware Boxer app and Office apps install on the device homepage, launch the Boxer app.

    You'll see once you launch Boxer that your TestDrive Office 365 email account has been automatically configured. In addition we have pushed down a user certificate which authenticates the user so they do not need to enter their password. The user just needs to select Get started to open their email.

    Any emails that have been sent to your account will populate. 

    As a best practice send yourself sample emails from another account; your email address will be in the format {TestDriveUserName}

    Now that your Office 365 account has been configured in Boxer, lets walk through a few features of the VMware Boxer email client. First, you are able to select multiple emails at once to perform bulk actions. For example, click on a few emails and swipe to the left to delete all items at once.

    Next, you can send your calendar availability easily within Boxer. Open an email, and click the arrow button in the top right to reply.

    Once the reply draft opens, click the calendar button in the bottom right of the draft.

    Select Send Availability.

    Now, just select the times that work for you from your calendar and click the check box in the top right.

    You'll see your available times have been added to your reply. Click send and return to the inbox.

    Next, lets send a quick reply. Find an email and click the quick actions button at the top right of the screen.

    Select Quick.

    Choose your reply from the list. 

    You'll see your response has been immediately sent.

    Additionally, we can add emails to our to do list. Find an email and click the quick actions button in the top right.

    Select To Do from the list of actions.

    Next, you'll be prompted to choose a due date....

    .... and Priority and/or assignees. Click the check mark in the top right to add the item to your to do list.

    You'll also notice if you click the menu button in the top left of the screen you have folders that have been preconfigured for you. You are able to edit or add to these folders if you choose.

    Last, lets show opening an email attachment into Content Locker. Find an email and click the attachment. 

    You'll see a preview of the document appear within Boxer. Click the open into button in the top right to see which apps this file can be opened into.

    For this example we will select  Content Locker.

    You'll see the file open in Content Locker and you can make any necessary edits.

    Last, lets show signing into an Office app using Workspace ONE. Click one of the office apps, in this example we will use Word.

    Swipe left to scroll through the welcome screens.

    Select Sign In.

    Enter your TestDrive Office 365 account information in the format {TestDriveUsername} and select Next.

    You'll see Workspace ONE signing you into the service.

    Lastly, click View.

    You are now signed in to Word using your Office 365 account.

    Walkthrough Summary

  • Log in to VMware TestDrive Demo Portal
  • Navigate to MyServices and turn on Office 365 
  • Verify the Office 365 service has been enabled and review the information 
  • Enroll an iOS device and receive mail through the VMware Boxer email client
  • Review VMware Boxer features
  • Single Sign On into Office 365 apps including Excel, Powerpoint, and Word
  • Check out the TestDrive Support KB for further walkthroughs, FAQs and information regarding the VMware Global Demo Environment.

    For support or to report issues with any of the demo systems please send us an email.