Dropbox Walkthrough Guide

In this quick walkthrough we're going show you how to enable Dropbox for your Testdrive account and use the application with Workspace ONE on mobile and desktop.

Walkthrough Summary

  • Turn on the Dropbox service from within the TestDrive user portal
  • Launch Dropbox from Workspace ONE via a web browser
  • SSO into the Dropbox application on a managed iOS device
  • In order to complete this demo please make sure you have the following:

    • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, signup here if you don't
    • Activated the AirWatch service from the My Services tab in the VMware Testdrive Demo Portal. See instructions for turning on this service here.
    • An iOS device
    • Network access from your device and TCP port 443 enabled on your network


    Watch the demo video on the EUC Video Vault here!

    First, open your favorite web browser and navigate to the TestDrive portal at  portal.vmtestdrive.com. Login with your TestDrive username and password. If you forget your password you can always reset it by clicking "Login to TestDrive" and "Forgot Password" at portal.vmtestdrive.com.

    After logging in, select "My Services" in red. Here you will see a tile for Dropbox. Toggle on the service for Dropbox to be entitled a user account.

    Now that we have enabled Dropbox for our account, we can use the service via both Workspace ONE in a web browser as well as on our mobile devices. 

    First, lets access Dropbox from Workspace ONE on an unmanage desktop. From within the TestDrive portal click LAUNCHERS at the top and "Workspace ONE" to launch the TestDrive Workspace ONE instance. You can also navigate directly to Workspace ONE by navigating to  wsone.vmtestdrive.com. Once here, login with your TestDrive username and password (no domain required).

    Now you'll see your launcher will all your provisioned apps. You'll notice Dropbox is now included in the list. Click on the Dropbox tile to SSO into the service.

    Click "Continue" to complete the sign in.

    Next you will see your dropbox repository. You can add content to have it sync across all your devices, share content with other TestDrive users, make annotations on your content and more.

    Click on any document to see a web preview. You can make annotations directly on the content or make comments in the left column tagging any necessary contributors.

    Next, lets take a look at dropbox on our iOS device. You'll need to start with a device that is enrolled to either the EMM (Corporate Owned) or BYOD demo flows. See instructions for enrolling your device to these flows in the corresponding guides below:

    BYOD Enrollment: http://support.vmtestdrive.com/article/192-ios-byod-demo-walkthrough
    Corporate Owned Enrollment: http://support.vmtestdrive.com/article/91-enrolling-an-ios-device-in-the-airwatch-corporate-owned-demo

    Note: You will need to login to Dropbox and accept the setup prompts through a web browser following the instructions above before attempting to access your Dropbox account on your mobile device.

    Once your device is enrolled, Dropbox will automatically be pushed down to your device. Click to launch the application.

    Next, click "Sign In".

    Here you will need to enter your email address in the following format: 


    You'll notice after entering your email address the password box will disappear since you are associated with an identity provider. Click sign in.

    Choose to allow SSO.

    Now you'll be automatically signed into Dropbox using your Testdrive account without needing to enter a password. You will see the same documents across all platforms.

    Additionally, you'll noticed within the VMware Boxer email client you can now attach documents directly from your Dropbox account. To turn on this feature compose an email and click the attachment button in the bottom right (paperclip). Select "More" to be taken to the "Manage Locations" page and toggle on Dropbox.

    Now when sending an attachment you'll be able to pick from your dropbox repository and attach it directly to the email.

    Walkthrough Summary

  • Turn on the Dropbox service from within the TestDrive user portal
  • Launch Dropbox from Workspace ONE via a web browser
  • SSO into the Dropbox application on a managed iOS device
  • Check out the main page for  TestDrive Support KB for further walkthroughs, FAQs and information regarding the VMware Global Demo Environment.

    For support or to report issues with any of the demo systems please send us an email .