Launching Horizon Virtual Desktops from Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Manager)

In this quick walkthrough we're going show you how to Launch Virtual Desktops from Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Manager) by completing the following steps:

Walkthrough Summary

  • Log Into Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Manager)
  • Launch Windows 7 Desktop
  • In order to perform the full end-to-end demo make sure you have the following:

    • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, signup here if you don't
    • Network access from your device and TCP ports 80, 443 and 7443 enabled
    • An Horizon Client installed on your machine.
    • Must be logged into Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Manager) and have added in Horizon Desktops from the App Center. 

    For instructions on how to log into Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Manager) and add in resources from the App Center 

    Click on this article:

    Now that you have logged into VMware Identity Manager and added to your workspace the icons for Horizon VDI Resources. You will want to find the icon for "AMER-WIN7" or "EMEA-WIN7" or "APAC-WIN7" depending on your region and which resource you would like to launch. 

    Once you have found the icon click on the bottom right corner of the icon, a drop down next to Launch will appear and you will have the option of choosing to launch the desktop in either HTML or in Horizon Client. For this walkthrough choose ... in Horizon Client. Now you can click on icon for the desktop you are launching. 

    The Horizon Client will be launched and will display the progress of your connection.

    Allow Horizon Client to complete connecting to the View Connection Server and loading the desktop.

    That's all you have to do to launch and be SSO'ed into a Horizon Virtual Desktop from VMware Identity Manager! To recap

    Walkthrough Summary

  • Log Into VMware Identity Manager
  • Launch Windows 7 Desktop
  • Check out the TestDrive Support KB for further walkthroughs, FAQs and information regarding the VMware Global Demo Environment.

    For support or to report issues with any of the demo systems please send us an email .