iOS - AirWatch Enrolling an iOS Device in the "Corporate Owned" Demo

In this article we will walk you through the steps of enrolling an iOS device in the VMware Testdrive AirWatch environment as part of the "corporate owned" device demo flow. 

Walkthrough Summary

  •  Enroll an iOS device to be managed by AirWatch to showcase the “corporate owned” device demo flow
  • In order to perform the full end-to-end demo make sure you have the following:

    • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, signup here if you don't
    • Activated the AirWatch service from the My Services tab in the VMware Testdrive Demo Portal 
    • Downloaded the AirWatch Agent from the iOS App Store onto your iOS device 

    For instructions on how to enable the AirWatch Service 

    Click on this article:

    Overview Video 

    Launch the AirWatch Agent on your iOS device 

    You will see the main “Welcome to AirWatch!” page with three different authentication methods available for enrollment. In the VMware TestDrive AirWatch instance, we only support enrollment through the “Email Address” method. Click on “Email Address” to continue. 

    If your email address which you used to register for Testdrive is, for example:

    You would drop the .com from the end of your email address and append to the end.

    This means would instead become

    You may also verify which email address to use for enrollment if you refer back to the My Services web page in the VMware TestDrive Demo Portal web application. There will be a information icon above the AirWatch feature that will detail the email address to use.

    Enter your modified email address into the email address box and click “Go” 

    The next screen is Group Selection. Group Selection allows for AirWatch to create different types of enrollments for different scenarios. In our case we have setup a “corporate owned” device demo flow which is called “Enterprise – EMM Demo”, from the drop down select “Enterprise – EMM Demo” and click “Next” 

    Now that we have initiated enrollment, we have to authenticate our username against Workspace ONE to ensure we are entitled to enroll into AirWatch.

    Now you are at the login page, enter your credentials and click “Sign In” 

    Now that you have been authenticated, you will be redirected to ensure you would like to enable AirWatch device management. Click on “Redirect and Enable” to initiate the profile installation steps. 

    Now you will be prompted to allow the installation of the AirWatch Digital Workspace Profile for your device. Profiles are the policies defined for this enrollment on what AirWatch can manage on your device. Click “Install” 

    For security purposes you will be prompted to enter your iOS device passcode. Enter your passcode if you have one and you will be taken to the next step. 

    Now that you have verified that you approve, you will confirm that you would like to install the Profile. Click “Install” 

    A warning will appear detailing a generic statement about AirWatch device management. The actual features that can be monitored or controlled by AirWatch on iOS are defined in the profile and vary depending on what has been setup for the particular profile. Click “Install”

    In order for any level of device management to be able to take place, we must enable “Remote Management” on IOS. Click “Trust” allowing the VMware TestDrive instance to remotely control the device for the purpose of you being able to AirWatch features. 

    A verification that the profile was installed will appear. You may review the profiles and click “Done” to continue. 

    Now you will be redirected to be able to open the AirWatch Agent. Click on “Open” 

    You will see successful completion page titled “Authentication Complete” Click on “Done” 

    As part of our AirWatch “corporate owned” device demo flow we have pushed down a few iOS applications to the device. To approve these applications you will have to give approval. Click on “Install” to install the applications pushed down by AirWatch. 

    You will be prompted to be able to accept notifications from AirWatch, in order to fully enable all the features you will want to demo click on “OK”

    Now in the AirWatch Agent you will see a summary of your device that has now been successfully enrolled. 

    Cilck back to the iOS home screen. You will see a few downloads for applications that have completed and a few in progress.

    At this point, you have successfully enrolled your iOS device into the VMware TestDrive AirWatch instance. For more information on the device configuration and features post enrollment for the Corp Flow see the  AirWatch Post Enrollment Configuration of an iOS Device for the "Corporate Owned" Demo Guide.

    Walkthrough Summary

  • Enroll an iOS device to be managed by AirWatch to showcase the “corporate owned” device demo flow
  • Check out the TestDrive Support KB for further walkthroughs, FAQs and information regarding the VMware Global Demo Environment.

    For support or to report issues with any of the demo systems please send us an email.